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The Motorglide 7320 is a maximum security, electrically powered motorized rack and pinion sliding door device for use in applications requiring full remote control of sliding doors. It provides for remote unlocking, locking and movement of sliding doors for cell fronts/runs. The drive systems provides precise control and smooth operation.
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The Motorglide 7320 is a maximum security, electrically powered, motorized rack and pinion sliding door device for use in applications requiring full remote control of sliding doors. It provides for remote unlocking, locking and movement of sliding doors for cell fronts/runs. The drive systems provides precise control and smooth operation.

The door operator is contained in a secure, continuous or individual compact housing. Surface mounted locking column at rear is totally enclosed to resist tampering. The device provides for 3 point standard and optional 4 point locking in both the open and closed position with automatic mechanical dead-locking.

Doors may be individually unlocked, manually at the door in the event of an emergency or power failure. The door travels on a 5/8” O.D. solid steel track, using needle bearing steel rollers. The device provides for convenient
maintenance for maximum reliability and quiet operation.

APPLICATION: Sliding door device for cell fronts

DRIVE SYSTEM: 1/10 HP – 120 VAC motor, rack & pinion

RELEASE SYSTEM: Remote control from console; local manual release in housing with special tool

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Parts Diagram for MOTORGLIDE 7320

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Part # 10000208

NUT, HEX, 3/8-16, STL. ZP          


Part # 10000708

WASHER, FLAT, 3/8 SAE, ZP          


Part # 10001410



Part # 10002406

NUT, J TYPE SELF RET. 5/16-18, BO  


Part # 10003401



Part # 10009601

SCREW BHMS 1/4-28 X 3/4" T27 TX-SEC


Part # 146-7300-046(R/L)

Override CAM Assembly


Part # 146-7300-060(R/L)

7300 Main Override Assy


Part # 146-73XX-020

7300 Series, Carriage Assembly, XX in CO


Part # 146-73XX-000

7300 Backplate Assembly XX in CO


Part # 146-73XX(R/L)-200

7300 Series Receiver, XX in COH, Right Close


Part # 150-73XX-007(R/L)

XX in CO, Right Close, 7350 Hinged Cover Weldment


Part # 150-73XX-100

7300 Series Lock Column Front-Door Guide Weldment XX in COH


Part # 216-7300-021

Vertical Adjustment Offset Nut


Part # 216-7300-048

3/18-16 Thread Yoke Clevis


Part # 216-7300-153DG

Standard Door Guide Shim (11ga)


Part # 216-73XX-210

3/8 Rod x XX" Length, 3/8-16 Thread


Part # 216-73XX-001

7300 Series Door Hanger XX in CO


Part # 216-73XX-009(R/L)

7300 Series Rt Close Bot Door Guide XX in CO


Part # 216-73XX-010

XX in COW, Door Skirt


Part # 216-73XX-100

7300 Series Lockbar, XX in COH


Part # 216-73XX-106

7300 Series Lock Column Back XX in COH


Part # 216-73XX-202

7300 Series Rec Channel for XX in COH


Part # 216-73XX-205

XX in COH, Receiver Mounting Angle


Part # 310-5013-005

Screw, Low Profile, SHCS 1/2-13X3/4 Black Oxide, McMaster 92220A271 or Eq.


Part # 311-3118-013



Part # 312-3816-006



Part # 312-5020-000

HEX NUT, 1/2-20 Thread, Grade 5, ZP


Part # 313-0000-015



Part # 315-7300-002

Override Spring 2x.75ODx.08 19.58lb/in ZP


Part # lever o-r, (LC/RC)

Paracentric or Mogul Override